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Lawn Maintenance in Milwaukee

Seasonal Clean Up

Mulch Installation

Tree and Shrub Pruning

Single Story Gutter Cleaning

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Seeding

Sod Installation

Tree Care Injections

Other Services Upon Request

Sit back and relax! let Stan do the work for you!

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Seasonal Landscaping Services

​​Lawn Fertilization

Quality Service From the Ground Up

​​​Residential Snow Removal.

​All slots filled for 2015-2016

I specialize in snow removal,lawn service and lawn maintance in Milwaukee!

 My name is Stan Curran.

I am the owner of Stan’s Landscaping Services LLC.
My philosophy is to perform to the needs and satisfaction of my customers.
I do a wide range of lawn care services specializing in fertilization and weed control.

I will do a professional job every time.

I would like to be considered for all your landscaping needs and add you to my growing list of clients.
     • I have been in the landscaping industry for 10 years.
     • My company is licensed and insured. I use professional grade products and equipment.

        I do this on a full time basis.
     • I do all the work, am onsite and use no sub-contractors.
     • I am a sole proprietor and due to low overhead my prices are competitive and often lower

       than other licensed and insured businesses.
     • I will provide you with personal service that large companies cannot.

 Please feel free to contact me for any size job you are considering.

 In closing I know that Stan’s Landscaping Services can perform any job to your satisfaction.